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Local Hardwood Projects

Another Book Press by Dallas Bennett. Hand made from white oak from Oaks Unlimited. Should last forever!

APEX LIFE- General Contractor/Home Builder

Thank you to our friends at APEX LIFE for images of their great craftsmanship and creative use of white oak purchased at Oaks Unlimited. Thank you also to Alla Studios for their creative staging on this project.

Kitchen with oak beam
Oak Wall decor
Bathroom Oak Shelves
The warmth of oak
Oak Towel Shelves

I was fortunate to be able to use a beautiful 1 7/8-inch thick white oak board from Oaks Unlimited to build my latest book press. This wood is sturdy, uniform and most importantly, easy to work with. I was able to hand carve the dowel handle from a section of the board using only a drawknife and some sandpaper. I’ve begun work on a second book press with more detailed carving. This wood has been so nice to work with and I look forward to using more oak boards from Oaks Unlimited for my future book presses. By: Dallas Bennett

Thanks to Jeramie Arlington for your pictures of your oak dinning table. Very nice job!

We would like to thank Del Carmichael from Chuckey Tennessee for the pictures of some projects he completed with his purchase from Oaks Unlimited. Nicely done Del!

Table top made of white oak on a sewing machine base dark stained to show off the grain. By Tim Bennett of Asheville

Oak at Wholesale prices