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Wholesale priced American red and white oak shipping internationally around the world.

Wholesale Kiln Dried American Oak

Wholesale Kiln Dried American Red and White Oak Shipped Worldwide

Appalachian grown hardwoods are known around the world for their quality and beauty.  At Oaks Unlimited we take pride in the quality and care we give to each load of lumber. 

Kiln Dried Hardwood Lumber

Proper moisture content is crucial for wood furniture manufacturing.  Wood with too much moisture can change shape, shrink, and crack as it dries. Our mountain weather is ideal for the start of the drying process and our kiln drying further reduces the moisture to the perfect level, giving our lumber a consistent woodworking quality.

Graded Lumber

We grade our lumber before it is stacked and again after kiln drying.  Before shipment, the ends are trimmed, the lumber is triple banded, and logos applied.

Wholesale Lumber Shipping

Shipment of White Oak, Red Oak, Poplar and smaller quantities of other hardwood items. With our experienced staff, we are capable of shipping anywhere in the world including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 

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