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Oak hardwood lumber for sale locally at Oaks Unlimited in Waynesville.  Bulk orders shipped world wide.

Our goal is to be a customer-focused company that supplies the highest quality hardwood lumber products in the US to partners worldwide. Our core company value is to do business with integrity every single day.

Local and International
Sales of Fine Hardwood Lumber

Oaks Unlimited, Inc. is a hardwood lumber facility located in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. We are located at an elevation of 3000 feet above sea level, in an area known for its superior hardwoods.

Red Oak, White Oak and Poplar are our primary lumber products, with 4/4 through 8/4 thickness in all grades. Straight loads or mixed items are available in surfaced, straight-line ripped or rough form.

Hardwood Lumber Processing

  • Our lumber is made from top quality, true Appalachian hardwoods.
  • Green lumber is graded and carefully stacked on sticks with precise vertical alignment for flatness during air drying.
  • We use sheds for the air-drying process before kiln drying to ensure the lumber is bright and check-free.
  • After kiln drying, each board is carefully graded by NHLA Certified Inspectors.
  • Computerized scanning and measurement provides the most accurate tally available.
  • Each board is precision end-trimmed after kiln drying so you receive neat, even packages with minimum end split and wane.
  • A Weinig gang rip optimizing system with movable blades and 17 point board scanning produces top quality strips. Surfacing two sides and straight line ripping one edge is also available.