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Oaks Unlimited has over 40 years experience

producing high quality hardwood lumber for both domestic and overseas markets.

Mr. Delcy Pryor Exporting Staves

Above are photos from over thirty-five years ago, when Mr. Delcy Pryor (grandfather of current President Joe Pryor II) ran a stave mill and began to export into the Asian markets. The Pryor family has been in this business for three generations.


Our headquarters are located 35 miles northwest of Asheville, North Carolina. This location is in the Great Smoky Mountains, in the heart of the Appalachian Region known for top quality hardwoods. We are at an altitude of approximately 3000 feet above sea level, in a climate ideal for producing excellent lumber.

Oaks Unlimited is certified by the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA)  

We are also certified with Forest Stewardship Council (R)   (FSC(R))

License Code No.  FSC-C006956

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View from lumber yard at Oaks Unlimited


Our hardwoods are sawn by select mills in our area to ensure a consistent quality and texture. We tally and grade the lumber upon arrival, and then pack it on sticks for air drying. We use sheds for the air-drying process to help keep the lumber bright and check-free.

We maintain inventories of over a million board feet of 4/4 through 8/4 Appalachian hardwood lumber.

We have dry kiln capacity of 300,000 board feet.

We dry the lumber in our own state-of-the-art, computer controlled kilns.

One of our computerized Kiln control rooms at Oaks Unlimited

We take special care during this process to make sure our lumber remains flat and stress-free. After kiln drying, we grade the lumber once again to make sure our customers receive a high quality product.



We use a computer-controlled KD grading chain which gives us the capability to do custom sorts of widths and lengths based on customer needs.

Grading kiln dried lumber at Oaks Unlimited

Lumber packs are double-end-trimmed before shipping. All packs are triple banded, and logos are available on customer request.


Packs of kiln dried lumber ready for shipment

We do everything possible to ensure the highest quality in grade and presentation of our product. Our hardwoods have consistently worked well for users outside the US who require high quality lumber, and approximately half of our production is exported.


We specialize in drying Red Oak and White Oak, but also do smaller quantities of Cherry and other hardwoods.

Oaks Unlimited also has a separate Wholesale Division, which enables us to serve a larger market segment. Our sales staff has connections throughout the lumber industry, and we can fill orders for high-quality products to satisfy almost any requirement.

Please contact our Sales staff with all your inquiries.








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