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Certifications & Trade Organizations



  Oaks Unlimited, Inc.  is committed to providing quality hardwoods 

in a responsible and sustainable manner.

     We have worked to obtain certification by the following groups:


Forest Stewardship Council (R)


Certification No.  SCS-COC-002043

License Code No.  FSC-C006956

FSC Commitment Statement - 10/31/2018

FSC Commitment Statement (page_1) FSC Commitment Statement (page_2)



























Oaks Unlimited, Inc

has a Sustainable Forestry Policy contained in OAKS-DOC-03

 addressing the company’s commitment to avoiding the trading of wood material from unacceptable and controversial sources.

(This document is available in full by email request below.)


The Certification Manager has conducted a Controlled Wood and Non-Controversial Wood assessment, and results are in the report titled


(This document is available in full by email request below.)


Our full product group disclosure is available in document  


(This document is available in full by email request below.)




We take every precaution to ensure that delivered wood is not from illegal sources.




 regarding our Controlled Wood Risk Assessment


should be addressed to one of the following:


Oaks Unlimited Certification Manager




North Carolina Forestry Association  (NCFA)




Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. (AHMI)

Tom Inman









   Oaks Unlimited, Inc.          

   supplies Appalachian Hardwoods that are Verified Sustainable  by:



(Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.) for more information






  Oaks Unlimited, Inc.          

  is a member of the following Industry Associations:



(National Hardwood Lumber Association) for more information



(American Hardwood Export Council) for more information



(North Carolina Forestry Association) for more information







Please contact our Sales staff with all your inquiries.





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